Sustainable material from fungal mycelium

in an industrial world

We’re a biotech startup. We research, develop and produce functional 100% natural materials from fungal mycelium and waste from the agricultural and wood processing industries.

from mushroom mycelium

The choice of raw material, the way it is processed and the variability of the production process make it possible to produce materials with different properties. However, all of them have one uniting parameter and the greatest value – biodegradability. While in a dry (indoor) environment the material is stable and lasts unchanged for years, when exposed to biological pressure (moisture, bacteria) it starts to decompose very soon. Although it is possible to increase the resistance, for example, by additional surface treatment, our main objective is to apply mycelium where easy degradability is desired (disposable products) or, alternatively, where biological pressure is not an issue.

What we offer

Z4: Universal packaging system

Replacement of polystyrene foam in the packaging segment – fillers, or in conjunction with cardboard as fixing and protective elements.

Air fresheners

Eco-friendly diffusers for car and home.

Carriers of odour concentrates

For use in agriculture as protection against gnawing etc.

It makes

We source all of our raw materials from renewable sources that are readily available locally.

Our materials are 100% degradable by natural processes and therefore harmless to nature (on the contrary, they serve as fertilizer).

No harmful chemicals are used in their production and no additional waste is generated.


Our team is united by an interest in environmental issues, technology and design. We believe that the mass use of mycelium in industry can fundamentally help in the fight against climate change.

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Vladan Košut




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