Replacing plastics with material of the future

Do you produce smaller and medium series? Does sustainability play a role in your business cases? Do you address ESG? Are you looking for a truly eco-friendly packaging solution?

What we offer

MYCO 4Pack and SafePads

Packaging system

MYCO FixPack

Shaped fixation

MYCO Go a Comfy

Aroma diffusers

MYCO Fence

Carriers of odour concentrates
Sustainability is a necessity

MYCO material and its sustainability

Composite material consisting of mycelium and waste from the woodworking or agricultural industry (sawdust, hemp shavings, paper, etc.)

The mycelium here serves as a natural binder that strengthens the otherwise loose raw material.

100% biodegradable

From local waste raw materials

Low energy production

Cradle-to-gate 0.2 kg CO2 per 1 kg of the material

Technical solutions

Do you like what we do?

Browse through examples of our products’ technical solutions in real use.

1st place

E.ON Energy Globe 2022

Medal of Honour

Energy Globe Award 2022

6th place

Huawei Startup of the Year, Special prize Arch Summit, Vodafone Nápad roku 2022

1st place

Generali SME EnterPRIZE 2023 in Startup category