MYCO 4Pack and SafePads

Combination of protective mailers with cardboard as an effective and environmentally friendly option for product protection.


MYCO 4Pack packaging system

The system is based on paper capsules filled with Myco material (Myco SafePads), which absorb shocks. Combined with cardboard, they create an effective and environmentally friendly option for protecting the products being transported.


Easily adapts to the product


Effectively absorbs shock and vibration


Production automation and stackability

MYCO 4Pack: Examples of use

MYCO material and its sustainability

Composite material consisting of mycelium and waste from the woodworking or agricultural industry (sawdust, hemp shavings, paper, etc.)

The mycelium here serves as a natural binder that strengthens the otherwise loose raw material.

100% biodegradable

From local waste raw materials

Low energy production

Cradle-to-gate 0.2 kg CO2 per 1 kg of the material

Custom printing

When ordering larger quantities, you can have your own printing on the protective cushions and use this space for marketing communication.

MYCO 4Pack technical solutions

Examples of possible applications.

Packaging for construction product

Myco 4Pack: A comprehensive packaging solution combining cartonboard with fixing and additional protective elements.

Protective cover for the sensor

Myco 4Pack: packaging solution for the sensitive yet large sensor (2 m) from Camea. The completely biodegradable solution replaced the plastic foam pads and ensured easy handling, greater product protection and clean design.

Protective corners for refurbished electronics

Myco 4Pack: A simple solution in the form of protective corners for refurbished electronics for POČÍTÁRNA.CZ reduced the rate of damage during transport by 80%. At the same time, damaged shipments can be claimed more successfully.

Intercom cover

Myco 4Pack: A packaging solution for sensitive electronics requiring a high level of protection.

Fixation for protection of shaft pins

Myco 4Pack: Servisbal has designed a solution to increase the protection of shaft pins without the use of plastic.

Thermal insulation insert

Myco 4Pack: Servisbal has designed a solution using the insulating properties of Myco material. The insert in a regular cardboard box maintains a stable temperature inside for up to 48 hours (depending on the ambient temperature).

Edge and corner protection

Myco 4Pack: Servisbal has designed a corner edge protection solution to replace polystyrene and polyethylene foam elements.


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