Myco 4Pack: Universal packaging system made of Myco SafePads

High variability of use

The system is based on paper capsules Myco SafePads filled with Myco shock-absorbing material. The capsules can be used either separately or in combination with cardboard.

Myco SafePads
Possibility of automation

✅ SafePads effectively absorbs shock and vibration.

✅ Can be used in automatic lines.

✅ Easy to adapt to the product.

✅ Stackability.

Examples of possible applications
Cardboard + SafePads = 4Pack

Design of technical solutions

Boxes for construction product

Protective cover for the sensor

Intercom cover

Protection of shaft pins

Edge and corner protection

Thermal insulation insert

Protective corners for refurbished electronics

Show your commitment to sustainability
and social responsibility

Myco material:

🌿 is 100% biodegradable (does not contain harmful chemicals or microplastics),
🌍 it is produced from local waste materials (sawdust)
💧 and the production itself has low energy and water requirements.

Stand out from the crowd
with your own print

When ordering larger quantities, you can have your own imprint on the Myco SafePads and use this space for marketing communication.

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