Myco FixPack: Shaped fixation made of Myco material

Packaging with the sustainability seal of approval also suitable for small and medium series

It is pure Myco material shaped exactly to the product. It replaces fillers and fixings with polystyrene or other plastics (PUR, PE etc.). It can be used in primary packaging or gift wrapping.

✅ Shape exactly according to the product.

✅ Suitable for small and medium series.

✅ Effectively absorbs shock and vibration.

✅ Easy disposal.

Show your commitment to sustainability
and social responsibility

Myco material:

🌿 is 100% biodegradable (does not contain harmful chemicals or microplastics),
🌍 it is produced from local waste materials (sawdust)
💧 and the production itself has low energy and water requirements.

Stand out from the crowd
with your own engraving

The clear Myco material is easy to engrave, so it can be used for marketing communication.

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