MYCO FixPack

Pure Myco material shaped exactly to the product.


MYCO FixPack shaped fixation

Myco material moulded exactly to the product replaces fillers and fixings made of polystyrene or other plastics (PUR, PE, etc.). It can be used in primary packaging or gift packaging.


Easily adapts to the product


Effectively absorbs shock and vibration


Easy production and disposal of packaging

MYCO 4Pack: Examples of use

MYCO material and its sustainability

Composite material consisting of mycelium and waste from the woodworking or agricultural industry (sawdust, hemp shavings, paper, etc.)

The mycelium here serves as a natural binder that strengthens the otherwise loose raw material.

100% biodegradable

From local waste raw materials

Low energy production

Cradle-to-gate 0.2 kg CO2 per 1 kg of the material

Custom engraving

The Myco material is easy to engrave, so it can be used for marketing communication.

MYCO FixPack technical solutions

Examples of possible applications.

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