MYCO Go a Comfy

Eco-friendly diffusers for car and home.


MYCO Go and Comfy eco-friendly aroma diffusers

The basis of the uniqueness are the capsules made of sawdust, which perfectly absorb and gradually release selected BIO essential oils.

Myco Go - Aroma diffuser for car
Myco Comfy – Desktop aroma diffuser

BIO essence

Natural essential oils


All suppliers are from the Czech Republic


Sustainable production and disposal

MYCO Go a Comfy

MYCO material and its sustainability

Composite material consisting of mycelium and waste from the woodworking or agricultural industry (sawdust, hemp shavings, paper, etc.)

The mycelium here serves as a natural binder that strengthens the otherwise loose raw material.

100% biodegradable

From local waste raw materials

Low energy production

Cradle-to-gate 0.2 kg CO2 per 1 kg of the material

Custom engraving

The Myco material is easy to engrave, so it can be used for marketing communication.

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