MYCO technology

For the efficient production of products from innovative 100% natural material, we have developed technologies that enable its industrial processing.

MYCO material and its sustainability

Composite material consisting of mycelium and waste from the woodworking or agricultural industry (sawdust, hemp shavings, paper, etc.)

The mycelium here serves as a natural binder that strengthens the otherwise loose raw material.

100% biodegradable

From local waste raw materials

Low energy production

Cradle-to-gate 0.2 kg CO2 per 1 kg material

What is a mycelium?

A dense network of fine filaments, called hyphae, that permeate the soil or other substrate where the fungus grows. The mycelium is the basic life system of the fungus, responsible for absorbing nutrients and water.

How is MYCO material produced?

We operate unique production technologies according to our own designs, which gives us the conacurency advantage of more scalable production. This is mainly due to our continuous substrate preparation technology and rapid product forming technology.

Our unique production line

We have developed a continuous line for material sterilization that is more efficient than conventional solutions. The forming process takes units of seconds, competitors need the product to be in shape for units of days. We have developed a unique single-purpose machine that speeds up the worker’s work by 5 to 8 times.