Sustainable corporate gifts that won’t end up in the trash

Impress with aroma diffusers made of innovative mushroom material

The basis of excellence are the capsules made of sawdust and mycelium, which perfectly absorb and gradually release selected BIO essential oils.

📣 Impress your employees, clients or business partners!

Desktop aroma diffuser
Aroma diffuser for car
Say goodbye to plastics that harm the planet!

The solution is Myco material, which:

🌿 is 100% biodegradable (does not contain harmful chemicals or microplastics),
🌍 it is produced from local waste materials (sawdust)
💧 and the production itself has low energy and water requirements.

Sign up to the values of sustainability and social responsibility

Give corporate gifts with sustainable overlap:

🚗 The scent carriers are placed either in a wooden holder (car diffuser) or in a glass container that is upcycled (table diffuser) – made from a used wine bottle.
🌼 We supply the diffusers with natural essential oils in BIO quality.
🌍 We emphasize the environmental friendliness of the packaging.
🇨🇿 All our suppliers are from the Czech Republic.

💨 The essential oil is sprayed onto a carrier made of Myco material. When the fragrance is exhausted, the intensity can be easily restored with another spray. If the scent changes, we recommend replacing the myco material filler.

Stand out from the crowd
with your own engraving

On request, we can engrave a logo or text on the front of the myco material. This will ensure that your brand remains in the minds and hearts of those who receive this gift.

Interested in sending a sample with your graphics?